Manufacturing, sales and delivery of concrete across Riga and Latvia


Delivery of concrete on competitive terms

Fast deliveries of high quality concrete for any purpose to corporate and private clients across Latvia.


German quality with warranty

We produce concrete at a German factory called Lintec, which has over 100 years of experience in providing the highest quality products.


Excellent delivery fleet

We deliver concrete using modern and powerful auto concrete mixers, allowing us to maintain first class quality.

About our company

Our company, RKBetons, specialises in the manufacturing, sale and delivery of concrete within Riga and across Latvia. We produce high quality concrete at a factory called Lintec in Germany. Lintec is a world leader in the manufacture of mobile concrete mixing installations with more than 100 years of business history; Lintec is also recognised by the largest construction companies. This, as well as many years experience of our specialists, allows us to guarantee high quality of our concrete at all times. We entered the concrete market comparatively recently, however, because of the flawless quality of our product and service, we have already gained a number of regular customers. We will be happy to work with you as our next highly valued customer!

Our mission

RKBetons is striving to become one of market leaders amongst construction companies in Latvia, and, to help us realise this ambitious goal, we have developed a consistent strategy, which also happens to define all our activities:

  •   Quality
  •   Reliability
  •   Partnership
  •   Safety

Our strategy presumes constant development of our services and maintenance of high product quality, staff development and implementation of innovative technologies. We are open to co-operation with all interested parties and are ready for friendly dialogue with potential clients and partners.

Call us or complete our contact form and we will be pleased to offer you competitive prices and attractive payment and delivery conditions.

Our prices

Feel free to browse through some of our prices below. In the case of a non-standard orders or perhaps a possible long term co-operation, we are ready to discuss special prices and conditions for your specific needs. We are always open to constructive conversations with our clients, on all things concrete!

Concrete class Faction Price EUR/m3  Faction Price EUR/m3
C 8/10 8 - 16 51,00 2 - 8 52,00
C 12/15 8 - 16 52,00 2 - 8 53,00
C 16/20 8 - 16 54,00 2 - 8 57,00
C 20/25 8 - 16 56,00 2 - 8 58,00
C 30/37 F150 W8 8 - 16 65,00 2 - 8 66,00
C 35/45 F150 W10 8 - 16 - 2 - 8 71,00

Production of concrete

It can be said without much exaggeration that concrete is the basis for most construction projects. This is why it is important to ensure timely concrete delivery and an appropriate level of high quality for many building types and constructions.

We offer concrete deliveries from our modern Lintec facility in Riga with a capacity of XX million tonnes per year for many kinds of construction projects and buildings, including those with special criteria for wear resistance and temperature specifications. Thanks to a special technology, we can produce concrete throughout the year, which does not affect its quality. Our factory is fully computerised, which helps to avoid “human error”, but, besides that, our products undergo strict quality controls by government institutions and our own laboratory.

If you order concrete from us, we will deliver it directly to your site. RKBetons has all the necessary equipment to do this – concrete mixers up to 9m and concrete pumps with concrete supply up to 46m.

RKBetons offers:

Based on project requirements, we are ready to develop concrete to your individual specifications.

If you need concrete with a solid quality guarantee, you need RKBetons!


We are always pleased to answer your calls and answer any questions you have to discuss the order process and any special conditions you require! Just call us or complete our contact form below and our manager will call or email you as you prefer, within one working day.

  • Address:Brivibas gatve 24/1 - 45, LV - 1000
  • Phone Number:+371 2 539 17 01